Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hair cut?!


I use to be really picky abt hair salons but now I know that even if I go to expensive salons, they can still make mistakes just like the cheaper salons. I really hate my hair right now cause the lady that cut my hair didn't do it right and her layers are very choppy not blended at my long hair is officially gone. I look so weird with short hair lol but my husband said its good cus I've always had long hair so its a change. I guess.

Btw, I have orientation at 11am and I'm running very late! So my husbands taking me there today and he put my papers on top of the car which he forgot abt and we drove off abt five mins and realized oh crap where's my papers?! So we had to drive back home to get them and when we got back to the house my papers were on the driveway so I had to go get them and then we it was already five mins in to the driving again and my husband just realized his wallet was gone and I was like r u freaken kidding me so we had to turn back home and found his wallet on our driveway tooo! we wasted pretty much a lot of time bc we r so irresponsible LOL when we left it was around 10 : 17am and it takes a little over thirty mins to get there so let's hope I make it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Myrtle beach for the weekend!!

My fambam and i decided to go to myrtle beach for the weekend cause we all definitely needed a vacation awayyyy from home! we ended up going to myrtle beach and it was so beautiful there! the view was amazing from our penthouse suit. Our suite was on the top floor which you can see everything!! ughhhh didnt want it to end at all, but unfortunately it was only a three day vacation so we had to leave =( but i had so much fun while it lasted.! =)

Here are a few pictures from my vacation:
yes thats the hotel!!!!! awesome right?!

so beautiful!

the ocean was so gorgeous!


the ladies.

the guys.

my love.

my husband...yeah he thinks he looks cool. lol

and heres me! =]