Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Casual tuesday, looking all scrubby =]
Just wanted to leave a post since its been a min!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FOTD: my go to simple and natural

Ive been working like crazy which makes me so tired now a days! So, i rather spend the extra minutes sleeping than making myself look pretty lol so this is basically my go to makeup when im in a rush or i just dont feel like beautifying myself. Either way, i still like the look cause its simple yet with a pop of lip color, enjoy =]

Products used:
mabelline concealer(mineral power?)
mac studio finish concealer in nw25
mac mineralized powder in medium plus
(which is getting pretty light on me)
benefits hula bronzer(my fav)
fabuliner in black
maybelline colassal mascara
wetnwild eyebrow palette in ash brown
maybellines lipstick in pink please
elfs tinted lip conditioner in pretty pink?


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its been awhile since ive blogged so this post is going to be about everything,anything, and misc. =] ive been having cravings! which is so crazy! and no im not pregnant lol first it was the kimbabs that i post up, and then two weeks ago it was eggs shaped like hearts,

a week ago it was pork buns and asian bread,

 and now this week its pho!

well actually ive had pho three times just this month which is crazy of me but i love it lol yes im gaining weight by the min!! i really need to find me a job so i can lay low on yummy food for awhile. speaking of jobs, i just had an interview today! lets hope this one calls me back! btw, after the interview was over, the lady who was interviewing me said this to me: " i would gladly hire you right now for a sales associate position because you have all of the qualifications....but would you like to have a position as a assistant manager?" i was like whaaaaaaa? crazy stuff right? hehehe. Ive worked in retail since 16 which im 21 now..but im not sure if im ready for that position yet lol we'll see what happens......

BTW, check out my youtube channel! i just posted a new video!

Heres something makeup related: FOTD =]
face: -sephora tinted moisterizer
-maybelline stayfit powder
-mac studio finish concealer

Eyebrows: -maybelline define a brow
-wet n wild eyebrow palette

Eyes: -wetnwild gel liner in black
-ebay falsies
-maybelline colossal mascara

Cheeks: -nyc bronzer in sunny

Lips: -maybelline lipstick in are you red-dy
-nyx lipliner in plush red

I love this simple yet pin up-ish  look! since its so hot out, ive been wearing neutral to no eyeshadow on my eyes, with a bright bold lip color! love love this type of look! =]

with love,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little bit of sparkle

Ive been wanting to get a rhinestone
Phone case for quite some time now. Every time I go to the mall, I always stop by those cellphone booths and check out there phone cases. There rhinestone phone cases are either ugly or too expensive. I am not willing to pay thirty and up dollars for some phone case that I know won't last long.
So, I decided to make my own phone case! Yes, I made it all by myself. I'm so proud too lol I didn't have a design in mind but I knew I wanted a little pink in it and I wanted hello kitty in it too but I left the hello kitty part out because I left my hello kitty supplies at home.(spending a week at my sils)
This is my first time making a phone case so I know it isnt perfect but I thought with the beginner stage that I have, I did pretty well!! I bought all of my supplies from michaels and joann. I love it!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Thanks to YouTube, I've been craving for Korean kimbab! I've been watching so many videos of how to make them that I decided to make my own. There are so many other different kinds of kimbab but the beef kimbab is my absolute favorite! Surprisingly, my husband loved it. I didn't know if everything was going to turn out good, so I didn't take pictures of the actual ingredients but I do have pictures!  BTW, prepping everything took awhile bc you have to cook everything seperately, and cut everything a certain way but after all the prepping, everything else is easy breezy. I don't think there is a sauce to dip with, I think its suppose to be on its own, but you still can. My sil made a sauce for it that taste pretty good. I prefer to eat it without the sauce but with radish pickle!:)


Friday, July 8, 2011

simple plains

Hey guys!! Long tome no blog! I've been so freaken busy with everything that's been going on in my life that I haven't had the time to blog much anymore. I'm deciding to do outfit of the days,showing you guys my outfits. BTW I had an awesome July 4th with my my family from Ga! Ok this is gonna be a short post have a great weekend everyone! with love, Jess.

Black inside top: lvlx
white top: marshalls
Black belt: the pink
high waisted shorts: forever21
necklace: forever21

Sunday, April 17, 2011

random =]

i know i've been slacking on my blog posts. lets just say ive been busy actually lazy is the right word lol but i did uploaded new videos so if anyone wants to check out my yt channel: diirtylittlesecret19 =] at least i didnt slack on that lol

this blog is gonna be so random! i havent actually really thought of what to write today on here or even thought of what this blog post is gonna be called. I usually think of the title before i write my blogs lol I was trying to log onto my myspace to check it out because its been awhile since ive been on myspace, but i totally forgot my password which is a bummer because i wanted to see my old photos that i uploaded and old friends :(

it was raining like crazy last night! we were on a tornado warning which i was freaken freaked out! lol OHHH the girls and i were so bored that we decided to do a little mini fun photoshoot in MY s.i.l's room lol we also made some yummy kao poon which made me feel and look bloated! so excuse the chubbyness!btw, i really need to go on a diet! i wanna be beach ready whenever we plann a trip to the beach! *sigh* we'll see lol.
Yes i know ive gained so much weight! :(

my amazing s.i.l's =]

and heres me again trying to be cute lol

btw, i love this new layout!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hair cut?!


I use to be really picky abt hair salons but now I know that even if I go to expensive salons, they can still make mistakes just like the cheaper salons. I really hate my hair right now cause the lady that cut my hair didn't do it right and her layers are very choppy not blended at all....so my long hair is officially gone. I look so weird with short hair lol but my husband said its good cus I've always had long hair so its a change. I guess.

Btw, I have orientation at 11am and I'm running very late! So my husbands taking me there today and he put my papers on top of the car which he forgot abt and we drove off abt five mins and realized oh crap where's my papers?! So we had to drive back home to get them and when we got back to the house my papers were on the driveway so I had to go get them and then we left....so it was already five mins in to the driving again and my husband just realized his wallet was gone and I was like r u freaken kidding me so we had to turn back home and found his wallet on our driveway tooo! Ugh....so we wasted pretty much a lot of time bc we r so irresponsible LOL when we left it was around 10 : 17am and it takes a little over thirty mins to get there so let's hope I make it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Myrtle beach for the weekend!!

My fambam and i decided to go to myrtle beach for the weekend cause we all definitely needed a vacation awayyyy from home! we ended up going to myrtle beach and it was so beautiful there! the view was amazing from our penthouse suit. Our suite was on the top floor which you can see everything!! ughhhh didnt want it to end at all, but unfortunately it was only a three day vacation so we had to leave =( but i had so much fun while it lasted.! =)

Here are a few pictures from my vacation:
yes thats the hotel!!!!! awesome right?!

so beautiful!

the ocean was so gorgeous!


the ladies.

the guys.

my love.

my husband...yeah he thinks he looks cool. lol

and heres me! =]


Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

its been awhile, lets haul =]

February is almost over! what already? omg this year is going by fast already! which is a good thing bc i hate the cold weather! i cant wait till it gets warm( and stays warm) so i can wear pretty bright shirts, shorts, and sandals!

My husband took me shopping today and I hauled on quite a few things and i wanted to share=] We first went to nordstrom rack, which i couldnt find anything, and then we went to ulta. I finally got my hands on the opi shatter nail polish that everyones been raving about! i didnt see katy perrys glittery nail polish( i dont know the name of it) but i already got a similiar nail polish=] i also got a few other goodies as well =) we also stopped by the mall and i spent almost two hrs in forever21! omg, i know my husband wanted to leave already but he was being so patient with me today lol  and then last stop was target to get things we needed and i spot a really cute small long shoulder bag which is so cute and casual!

OPI shatter nail polish, concrete evidence by ulta, jumbo pencil in milk, beige l/g by nyx, gold and jade green glitter liners by nyx. I LOVE THEM! although im not so sure if i like the shatter nail polish, but i love the ulta nail polish!

Prices:(from left to right)
8.99, 5.00, 3.99, 4.99, both 4.79

this is how both of the nail polish colors look like on my nails =]

swatches for the others!

Target--price: $14.99

love it!

Ruffle floral tank : $24.80

blue leopard print dress: $15.50

tan leopard tunic: $19.80

I know its wrinkle bc the lady threw them in the bag without folding them up nicely but oh wells.
Coral ruffle shirt: $12.50

its 11:30 pm ahhhhhh cant sleep, my husbands in his brothers room watching basketball with his brothers and im so bored! facebook it is...goodnight!

Jess. <3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i know, i know...

OMG its been awhile since i've blogged! internet stopped wrking for awhile and i was dying! lol. but i still had internet on my phone so i was okay with that. Anyhow, yesterday was valentines day and also my husbands birthday! woo hoo...i hope all of you guys had a great valentines day. I asked my husband what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said SLEEP lol so he was in bed most of the day and i made him some homemade pasta, massaged him, and surprised him with a cake! plus he wanted some car part for his car so muchh so got that for him too lol.

 btw, Went to the mall today and i dont know if its just me but i seem to cant find anything to buy anymore! lol ( clothing wise ). the styles are so ugly to me now..just my opinion.. so all i bought was food and icecream..yes im a fatty..

Im planning to film again..just dont know when but soon, maybe tomorrow, just an update video since ive been gone for a couple of months! i've been really busy! so we'll have to see. My husband bought me a flip cam for valentines so i can start filming videos again lol i love the cam so far, so i hope i'll be posting up videos in a few days.

I got asked a few times by fb friends, yt subbies, and random ppl on how i do my eyebrows, where do i get them done, and what products do i use. I got stopped by a random girl in the mall today asking me about my eyebrows cause she said she loves how it looks lol maybe that'll be one of my upcoming videos.

My husband and i getting lost trying to find our way home! bro in laws gps needs updates! lol it was taking us to random places and weird roads! lucky we remembered we had a gps on our phone!

Hope you all had a wonderful day! its getting sunnier and cooler so im excited for spring and summer! cant wait! im tired of sweaters, jackets, and boots. lol


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Red lips ;)

"I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so that you will eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes, good things fall apart, so better things can fall together."
--marilyn monroe.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

my makeup organization =]

My husband and i went dresser shopping yesterday and we found an inexpensive black six drawer dresser from target. I was in need  of a dresser bc my closet was jammed with so many things! i was also looking for a smaller dresser so i can store my makeup in it. So we looked everywhere yesterday for a little drawer for my makeup but we couldnt well actually i couldnt find or make up my mind on the ones my husband picked out lol i decided to look online instead so when we got home, my husband put the dresser together and i thought about using one drawer for my makeup and see how it'll look like..well it turn out nice and i loved it!

I dont have alot of makeup so this drawer fits all of them lol oh yeah you can see the redbox dvd rentals!

My coastalscents makeup palettes wouldnt fit so they are put elsewhere lol btw i organized my makeup in these plastic containers that i bought from target for $4.99 a piece. I love them and it keeps me organized. they fit perfectly well into the drawer too.

closer pictures of the container.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what a long weekend.

omg i cant believe the weekend is already over! its been a long and sad weekend for me. Im still trying to soak everything in..i'll probably need a month or two lol im not in the mood to make this blog long and interesting lol but as promise a picture of us from the wedding..plus the cake was so delicious and gorgeous! i apreciate everyone who made this wedding possible to both families and of course my parents and inlaws! be back in a few days to blog. btw, laundry tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little bit of everything =)

Hello bloggers! i know its been DAYS since ive blogged! ive been really busy with alot of things thats been going on! lol btw i am so freaken nervous about this weekend! we'll see how it goes, and promise pictures will be up =) If you guys dont know what im talking about, its about my hmong wedding this weekend =) Since its not an american wedding, im wearing hmong clothes of course and a simple white dress just to look nice. I was going to take a picture of the dress but i dropped it off for dry clean and im gonna go pick it up tomorrow so i'll post up a picture when i get the dress along with accessories.

I ordered a couple of things from elf like a couple of weeks ago and it finally came in the other day but i just didnt have time to post them up. I also bought a cute leather jacket from burlington.

E.L.F --eyeslipsface.com :

Lip Balms:

Omg they are really really pigmented! I love these lip balms! They go on smooth and you really only need a little for your lips because they are super pigmented and they'll look like you applied on lipsticks! love them! I think they are priced at three dollars.
From left to right: Peaceful pink, mellow melon, romantic rouge, nice and natural.

HD powder :

elf high definition powder. I havent used this yet so i really dont know what to say about this product but it has no color and its really smooth. It retails for around six dollars..

Eye cream:

retails for three dollars..the only sucky thing about there products are that the names are only on the box not on the product so i threw the box away. This product is okay, havent used it yet.

Tinted moisturizer and foundation:
beige and buff

First of all, the tinted moisterizer didnt come with alot of products! when i first recieved it, you couldnt even see the product until you shake it, which means you dont get alot of product at all..i'll probably never buy this product again. As for the foundation, it does glide on smoothly and it gives a medium coverage, the only thing about it is that its a little too dark for me so i might have to use it during the summer. I think both products are priced at 6 bucks!

Eybrow kit:

priced at three dollars. i think this one is in ash i believe. Its one of there newest eyebrow kit. I havent used this yet but hopefully it'll work out.


I love this jacket! esp. the inside bc its animal print! i love animal prints! i think its super sexy having an item on that is animal printed with any outfit. its fake leather of course and its kind of like a cropped jacket! love it! i got it for a good price too. $29.99 =]

Btw, it snowed everywhere else down south but where i live. I was so dissapointed when i heard about other places had snow and we didnt = ( i wanted to take pictures in the snow and make an igloo =)
Went to the mall the whole day today, didnt get much but a few jewelry pieces. I'll show it in the next blog. Okay thats all for todays blog, i wont be able to blog for a few days after today. My next blog will be sometime next bc i'll be very busy this weekend and plus i have to babysit tomorrow. goodnight! muahz.