Sunday, April 17, 2011

random =]

i know i've been slacking on my blog posts. lets just say ive been busy actually lazy is the right word lol but i did uploaded new videos so if anyone wants to check out my yt channel: diirtylittlesecret19 =] at least i didnt slack on that lol

this blog is gonna be so random! i havent actually really thought of what to write today on here or even thought of what this blog post is gonna be called. I usually think of the title before i write my blogs lol I was trying to log onto my myspace to check it out because its been awhile since ive been on myspace, but i totally forgot my password which is a bummer because i wanted to see my old photos that i uploaded and old friends :(

it was raining like crazy last night! we were on a tornado warning which i was freaken freaked out! lol OHHH the girls and i were so bored that we decided to do a little mini fun photoshoot in MY s.i.l's room lol we also made some yummy kao poon which made me feel and look bloated! so excuse the chubbyness!btw, i really need to go on a diet! i wanna be beach ready whenever we plann a trip to the beach! *sigh* we'll see lol.
Yes i know ive gained so much weight! :(

my amazing s.i.l's =]

and heres me again trying to be cute lol

btw, i love this new layout!