Sunday, February 20, 2011

its been awhile, lets haul =]

February is almost over! what already? omg this year is going by fast already! which is a good thing bc i hate the cold weather! i cant wait till it gets warm( and stays warm) so i can wear pretty bright shirts, shorts, and sandals!

My husband took me shopping today and I hauled on quite a few things and i wanted to share=] We first went to nordstrom rack, which i couldnt find anything, and then we went to ulta. I finally got my hands on the opi shatter nail polish that everyones been raving about! i didnt see katy perrys glittery nail polish( i dont know the name of it) but i already got a similiar nail polish=] i also got a few other goodies as well =) we also stopped by the mall and i spent almost two hrs in forever21! omg, i know my husband wanted to leave already but he was being so patient with me today lol  and then last stop was target to get things we needed and i spot a really cute small long shoulder bag which is so cute and casual!

OPI shatter nail polish, concrete evidence by ulta, jumbo pencil in milk, beige l/g by nyx, gold and jade green glitter liners by nyx. I LOVE THEM! although im not so sure if i like the shatter nail polish, but i love the ulta nail polish!

Prices:(from left to right)
8.99, 5.00, 3.99, 4.99, both 4.79

this is how both of the nail polish colors look like on my nails =]

swatches for the others!

Target--price: $14.99

love it!

Ruffle floral tank : $24.80

blue leopard print dress: $15.50

tan leopard tunic: $19.80

I know its wrinkle bc the lady threw them in the bag without folding them up nicely but oh wells.
Coral ruffle shirt: $12.50

its 11:30 pm ahhhhhh cant sleep, my husbands in his brothers room watching basketball with his brothers and im so bored! facebook it is...goodnight!

Jess. <3