Sunday, December 26, 2010

i ♥ snow;

So it finally snowed today and omg i had so much fun in the snow! my fambam and i made a really big snowman and it turned out really good =) so proud of ourselves cause it took us a very long time to make it too! =] but it definitely was super cold and after playing in the snow for awhile, i can feel the coldness and freezingness( i really dont know if its a word, oh wells) running through me, which i was fine with it because i was too excited about the snowman and just snow literally!!!

Anyhow, overall, i had a great year this the beginning of the year, i struggled with a few things but manage to work my way out of it and then took an amazing vacation to california for the whole summer which made my summer the bestest ever, and then i ended up tieing the knot which was totally unexpected lol and spending time with the love for the rest of this year just completed the year with happiness =D and of course many more years and centurys to come for us lol

Currently on the look out for a really cute/casual/semi dressy dress for our hmong wedding! its approaching very soon and i am sort of but very nervous lol if that even make any sense =) btw, i really need to start filming again!

My love<3