Tuesday, December 28, 2010

laundry time♥

Today was such a long and boring day! my husband was suppose to take me to go get some things from the store but we ended up not going anywhere :( he wasnt feeling too good so i didnt want to give it a fight lol all we really do is stay home but why did we have so much clothes to wash? good golly! lol three loads for the two of us. I tend to change alot per day so thats probably the answer to my question. anyhow, when my sister in law came home, we ( including my husband) finally went to home depot to exchange some things, ross, and then target to find me a bathing suit because we are going swimming tomorrow! yayy! im so excited because i love swimming, not that im a great swimmer but im okay lol will try to post pictures from swimming. I havent had the chance to purchase any cosmetics or beauty products lately and im literally dying! lol not really...BUT im just so use to getting my hands on new products and such :/ ughhh, but my husband did buy a new tv on ebay so im excited for that, i cant wait till it comes in! i cant wait to watch tv in my room and relax on my bed :) !
Just had dinner and now im folding clothes, on the net, and sipping on my sprite! =]


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