Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its been awhile since ive blogged so this post is going to be about everything,anything, and misc. =] ive been having cravings! which is so crazy! and no im not pregnant lol first it was the kimbabs that i post up, and then two weeks ago it was eggs shaped like hearts,

a week ago it was pork buns and asian bread,

 and now this week its pho!

well actually ive had pho three times just this month which is crazy of me but i love it lol yes im gaining weight by the min!! i really need to find me a job so i can lay low on yummy food for awhile. speaking of jobs, i just had an interview today! lets hope this one calls me back! btw, after the interview was over, the lady who was interviewing me said this to me: " i would gladly hire you right now for a sales associate position because you have all of the qualifications....but would you like to have a position as a assistant manager?" i was like whaaaaaaa? crazy stuff right? hehehe. Ive worked in retail since 16 which im 21 now..but im not sure if im ready for that position yet lol we'll see what happens......

BTW, check out my youtube channel! i just posted a new video!

Heres something makeup related: FOTD =]
face: -sephora tinted moisterizer
-maybelline stayfit powder
-mac studio finish concealer

Eyebrows: -maybelline define a brow
-wet n wild eyebrow palette

Eyes: -wetnwild gel liner in black
-ebay falsies
-maybelline colossal mascara

Cheeks: -nyc bronzer in sunny

Lips: -maybelline lipstick in are you red-dy
-nyx lipliner in plush red

I love this simple yet pin up-ish  look! since its so hot out, ive been wearing neutral to no eyeshadow on my eyes, with a bright bold lip color! love love this type of look! =]

with love,

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